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Mobile Apps

Today one of the hottest fields in entrepreneurship is Mobile Application development…


Today people will not ask you “Do you have a website?” but “What is your website?”…


Every business that sell goods or services which can be distributed remotely should have E-commerce…

UI Design

UI Design is very important part in development process because it is the face of your application...

Product Definition & UX

One of the most important processes in software development is the Product and UX Design...

Tailored software

Core of our business is software development...

Project management

Software development project is like orchestra, consist of many players that are professionals in their field...


Software outsourcing – Why it is good for your business?...



We are a young and professional company with operations in Israel, Russia and Europe. Our founders are developers in spirit and technical entrepreneurs who bring a lot of …

Custom development

Core of our business is software development. Our development and innovation teams are made of most talented and passionate engineers who bring years of experience in hi-tech industry and startups…

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Do you have an idea for an awesome application? You want to develop a web based system or a website for your business? We are here to help you, and below are the five steps of the custom (tailored made) software product development process.

Product definition & UX

We will start from defining the functionality and the look and feel of the product based on your business needs and your client needs. This is the most important step that will make you understand your product better, define budget based development scope and will serve as a reference for the rest of the process.

UI Design

Here comes the creative part. To make the product look as perfect as possible, our UI design experts will use the best design approaches based on psychology research, which will allow the best experience to your clients. In this step we will convert the UX to real designed screens.


Development is the core of the whole process, our most professional developers will make it happen, they will code the fully working application by using top notch technologies and best practices. During the development process we will make demo sessions to show you the progress and catch adaptation as fast as possible.

QA Test

Your product is done, and now we have to make sure that it is developed exactly as defined, to check that it works correctly. In this step our QA expert will perform a wide range of tests, and only after their approval we deliver the fully working system to you.

Go Live

Five, four, three, two, one, are you ready?! Yes, it is the moment when we will release your product to live and it will be fully available for your users. Also during the first period we will give you warranty support for bug fixes, so of course you are not alone and if there is a bug in the system or you need advice we are here to help you.



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