We provide consultancy services in following fields:

Technology – our engineers advise you on choosing the right technology for your project, in terms of scale, development time, market needs and human resources.

Methodology – our project managers will advise you to choose most suitable methodology for the current stage of your R&D, will help you to deliver releases on time and solve constraints and bottlenecks.

Professional guidance – if you choose a technology and have a lack of developers and knowledge in the field our experienced engineers are here to help, guide and even make some lectures for you team on the specific technology.

Software Rescue and Improvement – Many times projects being stuck, rewritten or totally closed in the middle of the development due to mismatch with expectations or just because of stash of bugs that seems to be unfixable. In many cases the reason for this, is a bad codebase, legacy code, performance issues, and constant change of developers working on the projects. In many cases what for new developer may look like “total lost” can be fixed by a professional who know the tricks and recovery magic earned by years of experience of software rescue. Don’t throw months and years of work, give a chance to our software Doctors who will diagnose the code software to create bitcoin addresses and give their verdict whether the software worth to be fixed in terms of time and cost or should be rewritten.

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