There are many very good companies in the field of custom development and I’m sure you are asking why IPQ Group?

What is our added value or our unique proposition?

I will not tell you that we match for everyone, and probably we are not match to a part of the companies that are looking to outsource their software development or to develop a custom product. We are neither the cheapest company nor the biggest company you can find.

We are boutique software development group with an exceptional vision who enjoy the process of developing and making ideas go live. And we have the passion to see our partners smiling and reaching success.

So what is our exceptional vision? 

We love entrepreneurship and we love technology and coding, and don’t be surprised by fact that our founders are coding themselves on their spare time. So to the point, during last few years we tried to find the correct mixture for project success, and we found that there are three major factors that will bring to success: 1. Understanding the business needs of our partner. 2. Experienced and professional team. 3. Smooth communication among all of the involved parts.

We emphasis those 3 major factor and make it happen by: 

First of all we sit with our partner and ask him questions, to understand his business, his vision, his budget and needs. And based on this research we know better what will be the most suitable solution for him.

Our team is made of consultants and professional senior engineers located in Romania, Belarus and Israel to ensure most professional technical approach and remain competitive prices.

We use most of all modern communication platforms and have native language focal points/project managers in each country we operate to ensure smooth communication and 24/7 support when needed.

As I mentioned before we love entrepreneurship and understand the obstacles that young entrepreneurs face with, we understand them because we also faced them. And in order help entrepreneurs we developed a mentoring plan based on that includes help to understand target market, build budget, POC/MVP stage, UX and UI design, development, QA, deploy to production and preparation to meet investors.