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We are a young and professional company with operations in Israel, Russia and Europe.

Our founders are developers in spirit and technical entrepreneurs who bring a lot of experience from development and management position in leading international companies including Checkpoint, ICQ and Gett.

Our team is made of highly qualified Software Developers, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers and QA Engineers.

We believe that our success is directly affected by the success of our customers and we do our best to provide highest quality with really competitive prices.

We speak 5 languages and use most of the modern communication platforms to make the communication as smooth as possible.

We provide 24/7 support when needed(based on customer plans).

Our Project managers are here to lead the project from requirements stage up to production support  and to insure on time delivery of fully working product, which has been tested by unit test coverage and our QA team.

Our unique approach of understanding client business model and end user needs allows us to choose the most suitable methodology and technology stack for each project in order to release a working application as fast as possible in less budget.

Our Story

Few years ago we were asked to consult young entrepreneurs who were desperate to make their dream come true and to develop desired application. We saw that due to lack of technical knowledge and business experience they faced many obstacles and did not know how to handle them. Most of the problems were caused by lack of knowledge about application development life cycle and how to choose suitable custom software development company without paying insane amounts for services proposed by local companies.

Here we decided to open a company which will provide technological and business consulting services for entrepreneurs while the R&D will be located in Europe to reduce development cost.

Time passed and we saw that our model is great for helping entrepreneurs creating innovative apps with competitive costs, but not enough fo leverage their business success to next level.

And then, after researches and help from our friend, leading researcher in the field of brain studies we analyzed most successful applications in the market and found that the key to successful application is the synergy of professionalism and scientific research which lead to the desired result which is – addictive app!

Currently we are working closely with leading engineers and researchers from Israel and Europe to create applications with top notch technologies which will make end users to use them more and more and share them with their friends and make it viral. We build addictive apps.