Today one of the hottest fields in entrepreneurship is Mobile Application development, and we totally understand why. All of us are using application like Google maps, Facebook, Whatsapp, games for our children and many other that assist us in different aspects each day.

The main issue that we saw is that most of entrepreneurs have a lack of technical knowledge and are not familiar with app development process and with options they have.

We believe and implement our unique approach which tell us first of all to understand our partners business, vision and goals in order to propose most suitable solution based on technology, duration and total cost of the project. In addition we also lead and mentor out partners from the idea stage and up to release.

Each application development process requires following parts:

Entrepreneur with the idea and business plan.

Project manager which is responsible for communication, budget, roadmap and quality.

Product and UX Designer to design the the idea, create friendly user experience, and show all cases than entrepreneur did not include in his requirements.

Creative UI designer to design all screens for a unique and trendy application.

Server side developer, almost all application require server side which is the mind of whole system.

QA engineer, who is in charge to make sure that application is developed according to UX and UI design and behaves as it should.

Mobile app development technologies:

Today you can find two major options to develop your mobile app.

Native development for Android and iPhone which uses all of what operation system has to offer for a developer and allows you to get maximum from your app in terms of user experience and performance. Native development requires two developer to be involved, the first is iOS developer and the second is Android developer. Programming languages used in Native development are Objective C and Swift for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android.

Hybrid development will use one of two leading technologies(React Native and Ionic) while both of them use Javascript as programming language and the leading one in terms of application quality and performance is React Native. In Hybrid Development the code is being written like in web development by using Javascript and HTML and knows to communicate with operating system libraries. When developing hybrid application most likely one developer will be enough, while he will write major parts of application and then adjust it for iOS and Android. Hybrid development takes less time than Native.