Software development project is like orchestra, consist of many players that are professionals in their field, and know the best way to do their job, but unfortunately due to their will to get the best result they tend to forget and sometimes to ignore the whole picture and the business.

Average complex software development project will require collaboration of following teams or individuals:

Client, Product manager ,UX and UI designer, Backend developers, Frontend developers, Mobile app developers, QA, and sometimes also DBA and DevOps.

And most of the time during the development process they need to support previous projects and give their feedback about upcoming projects.

So in order to keep everyone focused, to make a smooth integration between teams, to see where additional manpower needed, to avoid bottlenecks and keep the project on track comes Project Manager like orchestra conductor.

Sometimes Project manager decides to create a project dedicated team(aka Scrum Team) and takes the director’s responsibilities.

In addition, Project manager focuses on transparency of the workflow in order to see, control and reflect the current state of the project.

In case you have large scale, long term project that involves few teams, our Project Managers are here to take the control over the development process and let you continue with your main business,  and give you daily/weekly/monthly and on demand reports of the project state.

Moreover our project managers are familiar with physiology of each of the involved parts and have the best approach to each of them in order to get best results.